bubu’s COLD BREW

While eating out we were always looking for homemade teas and special coffees in order to experience unique tastes. While they could be found in some restaurants, in most of them however only the usual suspects were listed. Therefore, we took matters into our own hands and developed three different ready-to-go beverages, two for your tea aficionados and one for the coffee lovers. All based on the so called cold brew technique, where tea leaves or coffee grounds are steeped in room-temperature or cold water for several hours. bubu’s COLD BREW was born!

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Niche Beverages

Here at CM Troop we are all love niche brands, therefore we decided to import selected beverages in order to distribute in Switzerland. Our focus is on premium brands with exquisite taste. Should you have any query on brands that we may have, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Social Project

Helping people in need is an essential matter of the CM Troop team. We envision to create innovative ideas in order to use existing channels to raise funds for local and global NGOs. We will be announcing more news in due time.

Consumable Energy

We always wanted to offer an energy product that stands out from the crowd. Stay tuned as we will be releasing more information shortly.


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